PPC with Google AdWords

Pay Per Click or PPC is an internet-only advertising method that will allow you to appear higher on a search result. Every person that clicks on your website, gets directed to your website/landing page.

Using this method, you can increase exposure and promote sales of your service or product. You have to pay a certain amount of money only if a person clicks on your advert.

You can employ PPC on Google Adwords, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, and on Amazon.

Getting on top of the Search Page Without PPC

If you want to reach the top of Google’s result page, it would require a lot of work. Firstly, you need to rank your page; how do you do that? Through Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of course.

Without PPC advertisement, you will have to research your keywords smartly, write Search Engine Optimized content and add the proper keywords, get backlinks to your website to increase its authority, get on-page and off-page optimization, and more.

Then, if all goes well, your keyword might rank on Google in between 1 week and 3 months.

While there are perks of optimizing your website and getting organic search results, one of which will definitely be the cost; however, the return might not be as promising as through PPC.

Are Google PPC ads Worth it?

Starting a PPC Campaign with Google AdWords is a smart idea for a business that wants to get customers. Through smart PPC ads, you can appear on the first page without having to go through the SEO steps.

You can control what people see; with SEO, you are not 100% certain which webpages may appear where; however, with PPC, you can get very close. Not only does PPC on Google AdWords shorten the lifecycle required to reach First Page results, but you also get to choose who sees it.

Google PPC adverts will allow you to dominate the market and be competitive; with the right research, strategizing, and customer identification.

Benefits of PPC on Google

PPC is no longer an option, it is a necessity. Both Google and Bing place their ads above organic searches; this means potential customers have to scroll further down to get organically ranked pages.

This gives you the edge over the competition. As studies suggest that PPC Ads can improve the conversions from organic searches.

You reduce the complexity required to reach the first page of Google. For small businesses, a few months of downtime is not affordable. PPC offers a great Return on Investment (ROI) that allows many small businesses to thrive in this environment.

You are always on top. With PPC on Google AdWords, there is a certainty that SEO does not provide. With SEO, even minor tweaks to the ranking algorithm can cause your page to lose ranking. There is constant monitoring, updates, and improvements necessary. PPC on the other hand is faster to get into and take advantage of.

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