5 creative ways to go viral on social media

Social media is a powerful tool through which you can engage with your target audience. However, there are a lot of platforms, and you can get confused about which type of content you should post.

More specifically, what sort of tactic should you use to get organic traffic? Viral content is a suitable type of educational content that entertains people. 

Here are the top five ways you can go viral on social media. It works for all types of social media platforms. 

The following methods are some of the creative ways businesses are going viral on social media. Is your business not getting the views or engagement it deserves? This blog has you covered.

1. Memes

Memes are the most viral and highly shareable content on social media. You can connect with your audience through memes and make them attached to the brand. It's always a fun process to share these funny memes with the audience.

The best memes are hilarious, relevant, and shareable. Always make memes of the niche you are related to and be creative with it. Use readable fonts so people don't have difficulty understanding the text. 


It is one of the most effective ways to reach a wider audience. You can use quotes, video lectures or articles that motivate people to work hard for their goals. 

On social media, this type of content gains a lot of attention. The main reason is that people like to hear good words that motivate them. That's why more people get reach on this type of content. 

You must be up to date with the latest trends and topics. Get inspiration from it and convert those ideas and events into a post.

High-quality Content 

Many brands hire social media marketing agencies that advertise their content on various channels. Most businesses focus on making campaigns successful rather than producing high-quality results. 

 That's the difference between successful and unsuccessful brands. Successful brands don't only focus on advertisements. They pay attention to the content they are posting, keeping it aligned with the target audience's needs. 

If you want to achieve brand success, content is the key. That's why experts suggest making your content better before starting paid ads. Because even if someone clicks on the ads due to poor content, you will fail to convert them into a client. 

Work with influencers

Now that you are clear about your content goals and know what's in your brand's best interest. You should start by working with influencers who are working in the same niche.  

This can give you exposure and increase your chances of vitality. A successful partnership is one in which both parties get maximum benefit. 

You can reach out to influencers, brands, and people your target audience loves. Cross-promote your content, create the best content, and develop strategies that will make this collaboration successful. It will make you authentic in the market and increase people's trust in your brand. 

Use storytelling method 

People love to feel heard and seen. Use storytelling methods and tell relatable stories that your audience may like. There is a high chance that your audience will share the content via different social media channels. 

It will give you exposure and increase the chances of your brand going viral. Most brands create a fictional character and then use it to tell relatable stories. 

It is a creative way that people love. It can be a video tutorial by characters on how they use the product. If your audience likes your storytelling, they will be interested in your brand. 


In short, you only need to find what your audience will love and create a strategy around it. Going viral on social media does not seem easy, but it is definitely the most profitable step for your business.

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